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You can reserve the puppy of your choice by placing a deposit. You can do so by coming by I person or mailing it in.


 Wallie and Addy Litter

Momma is Addy~~ AKC "Burnt Kerosenes Doe Girl" 20lbs

Daddy Wallie~~ AKC "Burnt Kerosnes Wallie Wallerton" 15lbs

There are 2 very small males that should be about 15lbs full grown

They will be ready to go home on the 18th of December 2014

Check out the #Deliverjoy for FedEx on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you put in the hashtag #DeliverJoy on Instagram you will see many of our available babies spreading joy in Austin Texas. Here are a few of the pictures from the event. Here is a link to the video with our little ones running wild and loving it!!

Mr. Shane~ Beautiful!!

Mr. Blake~ He will look a lot like his adult brother Murphy!!

 ((SOLD)) Mr. Littles~ Smallest male in the litter!!

Max and Littles! They are both about half the size of the rest of the litter should stay very small.

 Mr. Calvin~ Medium sized baby boy in this litterl!!



((SOLD)) Mr. Max~ Tiny Tiny boy like his daddyl!!


Thank you for your interest! Here is some information about our program.

Temperament of parents? 
All of our parents have been tested in family, work and public environments  for the perfect temperament and dispositions.   We want all of our parents to be able to be your best friend with top notch intuition with your and their surroundings. We will not breed any dog that does not pass each test with an A+ 

Parents activities?? The most important... Working for a treat. :)  They can work small livestock and play fetch. They love the river and we frequently take them on tubing trips. Possibility's with these guys are endless. They are all a big part of our family and loved like children.

What does your potential new family member come with??
All our babies will come to you Vaccinated with Record and Vaccination schedule, 4 Dewormings, and a puppy package. 
*Puppy Pack Includes. Dry Puppy food, Raw Hides, Momma scented towel(For Comfort), and a Toy. 

What kind of training do our puppies come with?
All of our babies will come socialized with Children, Cats, Chickens, Goats, Horses and mini piggies. 
They all will be stared on Voice Commands, Potty training, and crate training. Early Neurological Stimulation "Super Dog Training"

Pricing ranges greatly depending on the bloodlines. 


Thank you and we look forward to working with you. :)  You can call, text or email. 830-624-4487